In Conversation with Valerio Simonetti, Co-founder of Mr Organic

This week, we caught up with Valerio Simonetti, Co-founder of Mr Organic, a food company made with love. The team at Mr Organic support a more positive and organic way of living that is respectful of the planet, the people and all beings. Read on to find out more!

1.) Welcome to! How would you describe your journey with Mr. Organic in 3 words? 

My life changed.

2.) What inspired you to launch Mr Organic? 

The value that organic represents. Be good to yourself and to everything that is around you.

3.) Can you tell us a little about the production side of the business? 

Our production is 100% organic, our fields are based close to our production site to reduce carbon emission and a big part of our energy comes from solar panels.

4.) Why is sustainability important to you and your team? 

We all think we should leave the planet a better place than how we found it.

5.) What motivated you to make the entire Mr Organic range vegan-friendly? 

We care about animal welfare and the effect of animal farming in the environment.

6.) You won an award with PETA for best vegan mayonnaise! How did it feel to be recognised in this way? 

This was amazing. I am personally a big fun of PETA.

7.) Can you tell us a little about the charities you're supporting through Mr Organic? 

We think happiness is not about what we have but about what we give. That’s why giving back is a central part of the Mr. Organic way. We support 2 animal sanctuaries, different food charities that deliver food to most vulnerable and homeless people, and we support a tree planation, planting one tree a day.

8.) Why should people consider buying organic products over non organic products?

If you love yourself and the planet you should buy organic.

9.) We're all cooking a little more than usual at the moment! Are there any Mr Organic recipes you would like to share with us? 

Yes! Vegan Buttermilk Doughnuts - yummy, rich and sticky doughnuts covered in melted butter & chocolate topping. A perfect treat made with Mr Organic Dairy-Free chocolate spread, melted. 

10.) When you're not busy working, where can you be found? 

I study and practice Buddhism most of my free time.  

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