Olive and Veggie Wraps

We love eating a colourful lunch! Having a multi-coloured meal provides you with loads of different nutrients. This vegan wrap is so simple and quick to make but will give you a healthy and nutritious lunch either at home or on the go. 


1 large seeded tortilla (or gluten free tortilla) 

1 grated carrot 

80g shredded red cabbage 

1 grated courgette 

5 green olives, halved 

1/2 tsp vegan mayonnaise 

2 tsp oil 

1 tbsp cider vinegar 



1. Leave the tortilla to the side, and mix all the other ingredients together.  

2. Place the tortilla on tin foil and place all the filling along one side of the wrap. Begin rolling the tortilla (filling side) folding in the sides as you go along, tucking in the foil at the ends to keep the filling inside the wrap. 

3. If you are making this earlier in the day and packing it for work,  wrap it up in baking parchment to keep it extra fresh until lunchtime! 

vegan, nut free, soy free, gluten free (if use gluten free tortilla) 

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