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  • 4 Amazing Tofu Marinades

    Tofu may be one of the most stereotypical vegan foods but for good reason! It’s high in protein, easy to prepare, and a great replacement for meat. Tofu also has a very low carbon footprint and is extremely versatile - here are our Top 5 Tofu Marinades!

    This is a vegan version of a pre- plant based favourite, and in my opinion tastes better! The chickpeas are hearty and satisfying, and it has a really nice tangy flavour. Both the chickpeas and the tahini are also a good source of protein!
  • The Best Dairy Free Milk?

    . From sustainability, to taste, which dairy-free milk comes out on top? Vegan milk sales have soared recently. From coffee shops stocking up on their oat milk, to beloved dairy drinkers switching to nutella-like hazelnut milk, the industry is experiencing more demand than ever. With the b...

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