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november recipe

  • Shepherds Pie

    Lentils are a great ingredient for plant-based eating. Not only are they easy to cook, they also absorb flavours well and are high in essential nutrients such as protein, iron and fibre. This simple, nutritious and filling recipe is perfect for days when you want a comforting and hearty meal. 
  • Roasted Vegetable Pizza

    Who doesn't love a pizza night? Quick, easy and delicious. By sautéeing or roasting the vegetables before topping the pizza base, it adds even more flavour to your final creation! 

    These are the ingredients I use to make my pizza, but feel free to use your favourite toppings instead! 

  • Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup

    A lovely, warming vegan soup recipe with wild rice which gives the soup a hearty, nutty flavour as well as providing you with lots of protein and B6. 

    The soup is easy to make, and you can freeze in portions for future effortless lunches. 

  • Vegan Persimmon Tart Dessert

    This Persimmon Tart recipe is a great way to try them, and makes a nice change from traditional apple.

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