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  • 4 Amazing Tofu Marinades

    Tofu may be one of the most stereotypical vegan foods but for good reason! It’s high in protein, easy to prepare, and a great replacement for meat. Tofu also has a very low carbon footprint and is extremely versatile - here are our Top 5 Tofu Marinades!

    This is another warming, comforting soup recipe with protein and Vitamin D! The black beans give it a lovely hearty texture, and its super filling and satisfying.

    This is our plant based version of a traditional Italian Caprese cake, with the twist of hazelnut instead of almond. If you love moist, brownie-style chocolate cake but also the crunchiness of hazelnut, then this recipe is for you! The recipe yields for a 20cm round cake tin. INGREDIENTS 80g pla...

    Colourful plant based bowls are one of my favourite things to make. They're a really good way to get in a variety of nutrients and veggies, and it's really fun to experiment with different flavours. This chipotle inspired burrito bowl is super tasty, filling and balanced.
  • Fig and Chocolate Gluten-free Tart

    This vegan and gluten-free fig and chocolate tart recipe was inspired by this amazing late summer fruit that is going to be available soon at your local farmers' market. Fresh figs are nestled in between a dark chocolate ganache made with coconut milk and a gluten-free oat and almond flour crust,...
  • Mediterranean Quinoa Summer Salad

    This Mediterranean quinoa summer salad is protein-packed with fresh and tasty Mediterranean flavors and seasonal vegetables. Made with simple, fresh ingredients is perfect for a quick lunch, a meal with friends and family, or even a picnic on the weekend. You can use your favorite ingredients and...
  • Summer Asparagus Quiche

    This easy vegan quiche is unbelievably flavourful thanks to a beautiful spring vegetable, rich in vitamins and folic acid: asparagus! In this recipe is combined with some broccoli, leeks, tofu and sundried tomatoes, to give it the ultimate summery touch. The balance between the crispy quiche crus...
  • Deliciously Sticky and Smoky Vegan Roasted Chickpeas

    Ingredients  1 x 400g tin of chickpeas 1 tbsp garlic powder 2 small leaves of fresh basil (or 1tsp dried) 1 tsp chilli flakes  2-3 tbsp olive oil  1 tsp paprika  1/2 tsp cumin 1/2 tsp cinnamon (optional) Salt and pepper to taste   Method  Pre-heat your oven to 180c (fan) Drain the chickpeas, ...

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