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  • Mexican Tofu and Avocado Rice Bowl

    Plant-based bowls allow you to mix lots of colourful ingredients and flavours, making for some very yummy lunches or dinners. This Mexican-inspired bowl combines fresh vegetables, tofu and rice with spices for a healthy, nutritious and tasty meal. 
  • Spring Tabbouleh Salad

    Chickpeas are a great source of protein and by coating them with spices and roasting them, it adds extra flavour and crunch! 

    This salad is a great way to make sure you are having a high protein lunch while also getting a large serving of fresh vegetables into your diet too. 


    Whenever you need something hearty and satisfying, curries and stews are perfect. You can batch cook them so easily, have dinner sorted for more than one night - and they actually taste better the day after! This recipe is super easy and full of flavour. 

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