The Best Vegan BBQ Foods

Being a vegan at a barbecue no longer means surviving off of the side salad. Here are a few of our favourite plant based treats to enjoy at a summer barbecue. 


BBQ Cauliflower Wings 

Up first are these delicious sticky bbq cauliflower wings, dipped in vegan ranch - a rich, smoky and succulent addition to your barbecue. TIP: You can make these gluten-free by replacing the flour and breadcrumbs with gluten free alternatives.

Recipe for cauliflower wings.

Beyond Burgers

You can find these in supermarkets now, so they're perfect for seasoning at home and popping on the grill. Try seasoning with garlic, paprika and/or cajun spice, alongside rings of red onion, and melting a slice of vegan cheese on top - yum! 

Recipe for beyond's IN-N-OUT style burger.

Grilled 'n' Glazed Vegetable Kebabs

Glazed vegetable kebabs will brighten up any barbecue. Add a sweet, honey-like flavour with a coating of agave nectar, or enjoy some light spice with a drizzle of chilli oil.

Recipe for grilled glazed vegetable kebabs.

BBQ Roasted Chickpeas 

These roasted chickpeas as perfectly served as a side, a crunchy addition to salad, or even within a flatbread. You can grill them on the barbecue by wrapping them in foil and coating them in extra seasoning for a smokier and more intense flavour. 

Recipe for bbq roasted chickpeas.

Sesame Tofu Skewers with spicy peanut butter dip and tropical salad 

Mouthwatering tofu skewers you can throw on the barbecue - perfectly paired with  a spicy peanut butter dip and colourful tropical salad.

Recipe for the sesame tofu skewers here.

Enjoy barbecue season!  

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