The Best Vegan Wines

A common misconception is that all alcohol is vegan. In fact, many wines and beers still use animals in their production processes, such as gelatin and proteins from animal or fish products being used as methods for wine filtering.
Interestingly, wines can naturally self-fine over time, but for manufacturers to speed up production, they use these fining agents. Often, these methods are not clearly labelled when you purchase the wine, but you can look out for the words ‘unfined’ or ‘unfiltered’, which usually means it is vegan friendly.
You can also look out for fining ingredients such as gelatin (boiled animals), isinglass (fish bladders), albumin (egg whites) and casein (animal milk protein).
In light of this, Pips has tested and ranked the best vegan wines from around the world.

Toro Loco Organic Red Utiel-Requena, Spain 2015 (£4.99, Aldi)

Price: £, Taste: 8
This organic Spanish red is one of our favourite vegan friendly wines. Not only is it rich and bold in character, but it has a smooth body and is so easy to drink. The whole Toro Loco range at Aldi is brilliant value for its affordable price - we highly recommend!

Saint-Auriol Corbières France 2016 (£6.99, Waitrose)

Price: £, Taste: 8.5
Best paired with a cosy winter dish such as a vegetable and lentil stew. This French red has powerful notes of dark fruit and spice, characterised by notes of black olive rosemary and cherry.

Granite Earth Swartland, South Africa 2017 (£8.50, Morrisons)

Price: ££, Taste: 8
This crisp exotic white is perfect alongside a Vietnamese Watermelon Salad.

Proudly Vegan Merlot, Chile 2017 (£7.29, Ocado)

Price: ££, Taste: 8
As a deserved winner of the World Wine Awards, the Proudly Vegan brand is completely vegan - even down to the label and ink. Their Chilean merlot is bursting with vibrant red berry flavours and caramel undertones. Well matched with a roasted vegetable pasta dish.

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