• The Best Vegan Burgers You Can Try Today!

    In the wake of Euro 2020 disappointment, I decided to order a Vegan Chick’n Burger via Deliveroo in an attempt to cheer myself up after what had been an anticlimactic evening. When the food arrived, the smell flooded the apartment, and it sure smelt like the restaurant in question had pulled off ...
  • 5 Classic Chocolate Bars That Need To Be Veganised

    The 14th of June saw the release of Nestle’s long-awaited KitKat V. The vegan alternative to the classic chocolate bar has been receiving rave reviews from vegans and non-vegans alike, and who would be surprised if this is the start of an exciting, new trend. There is no doubt that vegan chocolat...
  • Tech Tools for Sustainable Living

    From reducing animal products to vintage shopping, there are a number of ways to both reduce your carbon footprint and live as environmentally consciously as you can— here are some of the best apps to help you!
  • How to Overcome the Challenges of Veganism, and Continue Past Veganuary.

    A record 560k people signed up to Veganuary 2021, but as January comes to an end — how many will continue their plant based journey after the 31st? If you’ve faced some challenges during this month, (completely normal!) here is our advice on how to continue your plant based journey past Veganuary.


  • 10 Must-Watch Vegan Films & Documentaries

    Veganuary 2021 hit a record-breaking 500,000 sign-ups, and it’s no wonder, with the wealth of information we now have around the reasons to go vegan — from the health benefits, to animal welfare and climate change. As we experience Veganuary this year in a slightly different way (our third nation...
  • SEASPIRACY: 4 Positives You Can Take Away

    Since its release on March 24th, Seaspiracy has been causing quite the splash (pun intended) amongst audiences. Whilst the devastating and depressing scenes don’t come as a surprise to many, there is no denying how impactful this documentary has already been. Despite watching the majority of the ...
  • Non-Vegan Ingredients to Watch Out For!

    Knowing what is and what isn't vegan can be a minefield before you know what to look out for, whether you’re just starting your plant based journey or have been vegan for years. To help, we’ve made a list of some non vegan ingredients to watch out for, that may not be obvious at first!
  • How to Boost Your Immune System with a Plant-Based Diet & Healthy Lifestyle

    Since the start of the lockdown, many of us have noticed some significant changes in our lifestyles. Where eating is concerned, we have more opportunities to snack and more time to try out new recipes in the kitchen / on the BBQ. Gym lovers are having to work out at home and embrace the great o...