5 Classic Chocolate Bars That Need To Be Veganised

The 14th of June saw the release of Nestle’s long-awaited KitKat V. The vegan alternative to the classic chocolate bar has been receiving rave reviews from vegans and non-vegans alike, and who would be surprised if this is the start of an exciting, new trend. There is no doubt that vegan chocolate has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, with the Nomo’s and LoveRaw’s of the world helping to fill the chocolate shaped void in lots of vegan’s lives, but there’s certainly extra excitement about old classics becoming veganised.

As always, when companies such as Nestlé and KFC release a vegan product, there’s the usual hoo-ha about whether or not they should be supported. But let’s ignore that played out debate and think towards the future possibilities of old favourites making a dairy-free comeback to our lives!

So… what are the five chocolates that we need next?


Image credit: Nestlé

1) Dairy Milk

This may seem like the obvious choice… and it is. But a vegan Dairy Milk could well and truly open the floodgates for the vegan chocolate landscape.  You would imagine quite an easy bar to adapt and with potential profits for the Birmingham-based chocolatiers it seems a no-brainer.

…And good news! Mondelēz, the owners of Cadbury’s, have been confirmed to be developing a vegan version of the bar. Along with rumours of sightings on the Tesco website, we may even be closer than we think.


2) Double Decker

Keeping the pressure on Cadbury’s here. There is something for everyone in this bar. Chocolate, a cereal base and a thick layer of nougat… what’s not to love?

However, with all these elements, comes more challenges. With the original bar containing not only milk, but also egg whites, so it’ll be double the challenge for the folk at Cadbury’s to nail this one, so I think we’ll be waiting a while until we can hop aboard a vegan Double Decker.


3) Toblerone

What could possibly be better than when summer holidays eventually return in 2026, sauntering through Duty Free with a basket full of the excessively bulky vegan Toblerones?

Nothing needs to be said about why vegan Toblerone would be a total game changer and deserves to be right near the top of the list, but there’s another non-vegan ingredient to deal with. These top-tier triangles also contain honey, so Toblerone sure have their work cut out with this one!



4) Terry's Chocolate Orange

There aren’t many better chocolate related feelings than smashing open a fresh Terry’s Chocolate Orange on any surface up to the challenge. Like a lot of vegans, I miss this pre-snack ceremony, and am yearning for the day that I can risk a cracked table for an orange flavoured sugar rush.

With Galaxy’s recent foray into the vegan chocolate market, they have shown that good quality orange chocolate isn’t something for the future but has very much already arrived, so let’s hope that Terry’s follow suit soon.


5) Maltesers

You merely need to open a tub of Celebrations in a room full of people to see why Maltesers are on this list. If you don’t get your hand in there quickly, all the Maltesers will have been snapped up and you’ll be left with the dreaded Bounty.

But also, who wouldn’t build a shrine to Mars, Inc. if they brought out vegan Malteser bags, bars and ice cream?



So, whilst we are still only scratching the surface with Vegan chocolate, it’s clear that we’re moving in the right direction. Are we about to see a scramble from the major companies to bring out vegan alternatives, akin to what we have seen from fast-food chains over the last few years? You won’t catch me complaining if we've got that in store!

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