The Best Vegan Burgers You Can Try Today!

In the wake of Euro 2020 disappointment, I decided to order a Vegan Chick’n Burger via Deliveroo in an attempt to cheer myself up after what had been an anticlimactic evening. When the food arrived, the smell flooded the apartment, and it sure smelt like the restaurant in question had pulled off an eerily realistic chicken burger. As I put the burger up to my mouth, my teeth greeting the burger bun, an unmistakable aroma hit me. Cutting into the burger revealed all. Veins don’t usually feature in seitan… nor does the membranous puck of gristle that had somehow made its way between my brioche bun.
After my non-vegan friends had had a good chuckle, I managed to get my refund. This experience (as well as giving me major anxiety whenever I order a burger, or in fact any mock meat) gave me an idea for a blog post. And with National Burger Day having just passed, I thought I would discuss some of the best vegan burgers about. Every vegan has experienced all the spicy bean burgers or dry Beyond Meat burgers local pubs have to offer, so this blog will be focusing on only the oat crème de la oat crème of the vegan burger scene.
Image credit: Temple of Seitan

1) Temple of Seitan

First on the list is Temple of Seitan. With sites in Camden, Brixton, Hackney and Hammersmith, a Temple trip is never off the cards for Londoners. Offering a huge array of burgers, from the Nashville Hot to the Temple Deluxe, variety is certainly not an issue here. For my money, you will struggle to find a better seitan chicken burger. If it’s a chicken or beef-esque burger you’re seeking, make a pilgrimage to your nearest Temple of Seitan and order as much as you can. On top of the outrageous food on offer, their loyalty points scheme is just another reason to make it a regular burger stop. Despite this being a blog about burgers, I would be remised not to mention their Mac ‘n Cheese. Topped with seitan bacon bits, this is a truly superb meal in itself. So, seek out your local Temple of Seitan, and experience this religious experience as soon as you can!


Image credit: Unity Diner

2) Unity Diner

Perhaps most notable for being Earthling Ed’s Spitalfields-based Non-Profit restaurant, Unity Diner combines pioneering Vegan food with a classic diner set-up – decadent food, milkshakes, and a bustling ambience. Whilst Unity Diner offers multiple Beyond Burger variations, it truly comes into its own with their Surge and VFC Burgers. The Surge Burger offers an exciting option, which takes the classic bean burger to a whole new level. A cashew, chickpea and brown rice patty, accompanied by jerked oyster mushrooms and all the usual trimmings really helps to transform what is usually the default vegan choice into a real showstopper. The VFC burger offers a stringier take on vegan chicken, and combining with vegan bacon, gouda cheese and hash browns helps to create an action-packed burger. Similarly, to The Temple of Seitan, Unity Diner offers a remarkable number of exciting sides. The biggest head turner in my experience being the Tempura Prawnz. If you have been vegan for a while, you will be stunned and perhaps even confused as to how they have created such an authentic prawn-like texture.


Image credit: Honest Burger

3) Honest Burger

Unlike the other two offerings in this blog, you don’t need to make the trip to London to satisfy those vegan burger needs. With restaurants in Manchester, Bristol and Liverpool to name but a few, there’s no excuse to not give one of these succulent burgers a go! Honest Burger is also the only restaurant that is not exclusively vegan. Whilst there is always going to be an argument on whether vegans should support non-vegan companies or not, I am of the belief that to create any substantial change, vegans cannot afford to cut themselves off. Plus, you’ll really be missing out on a great burger! With Honest Burger’s Bacon Plant Burger, you’re getting the best Vegan beef burger you’ll find. Teaming up with THIS Isn’t Bacon and the addition of Shoestring fries results in a wide array of textures that helps to create the ultimate vegan burger.


So, there you have it, three mouth-watering options for vegan burgers that won’t just leave you satisfied, but any potential meat-eating friends who may be joining you. These pioneering restaurants are showing how exciting the vegan burger scene is and hopefully will help to make dry beetroot burgers a thing of the past!

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