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Want To Guest Blog For Us? 

At Pips, we offer delicious vegan snack boxes to our primarily UK audience. We gain high traffic on our website and blog, so it's a fantastic opportunity for new and up-and-coming bloggers.

We've created these guest posting guidelines to help you to understand what content we will publish.

Content Criteria

    • Vegan related - For instance recipes, reviews, news, interviews, etc. 
    • No obvious advertising - you can link to a product or business page if it's relevant and not the entire purpose of the post. The product or business must not be a Pips competitor.
    • Cannot be in favour of meat consumption or environmental destruction.
    • Minimum of 1,000 words.
    • Back up all claims - Make sure you reference any claims. You can see an example here, where all claims are referenced with a clickable link. References should only be from scientific or highly valid sources. 
    • Use of imagery - Please include relevant imagery in your post. You must legally own the rights to any image you use. If no images are used, Pips will add imagery to the blog. 

To Submit Your Article

Please email your blog in an accessible format (e.g. a Word or Google Document) to


We look forward to reading and publishing your article!