Black Bean Sauce Flavour Veggie Jerky

  • £1.55

What Is It?

Black Bean Sauce Flavour Vegan Veggie Jerky by Kings.

A chewy, peppery savoury jerky snack. With over 20% protein and 0.4g saturated fat per pack, it's a guilt-free treat.

The Best Way To Eat It?

The flavoursome jerky pieces are a filling and mouth-watering snack for the afternoon. Great for sharing, too.



Textured vegetable protein (soya protein, soya flour, wheat protein, corn starch), soya sauce, sorbitol, soya oil, maltose, sugar, pea powder, black pepper, salt, spices, onion powder, corn starch, yeast extract, liquorice powder, citric acid, flavouring, white pepper.

Palm oil free.

  Per Portion Per 100g
Calories 80kcal 320kcal
Protein 5.6g 22.5g
Fat 1.7g 7.1g

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