Korma Curry Paste

  • £2.19

What Is It?

Korma Curry Paste (180g) by Geo Organics

The Best Way To Eat It?

A traditional mixture of spices and flavours to provide you with a quick and convenient curry flavour without the intense heat from the chilli. 

Use it to marinate ingredients prior to cooking or directly use it into the pan with added coconut milk for an authentic korma curry flavour.


Water, Tomato Paste*, Sunflower Oil*, White Wine Vinegar*, Ground Coriander*, Turmeric*, Garam Masala*, (Coriander*, Cinnamon*, Ginger*, Clove*), Sea Salt, Cumin*, Garlic Puree*, Ginger Puree*, Fennel*, Paprika*, Star Anise*.


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