The High-Protein Breakfast Kit

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Say goodbye to boring breakfast foods. Introducing our Instagram-worthy, high protein oatmeal kits.

Each box includes 5 sachets of organic pure porridge oats (high in fibre to get your metabolism working!) and a variety of different treats to mix it up each day, with fun toppings including goji berries (2 servings), coconut chips 
(2 servings), peanut butter (2 servings) and chia seeds (4 servings). Just add your dairy-free milk of choice, plus any additional extras (we recommend a banana!)

Protein and fibre packed oatmeal kits for throughout the week, with different toppings and flavours each day, for just £2.99 per meal.

Go plant-based the right way, with complete vegan nutrition. 

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About Pips

The entire Pips store is 100% vegan friendly, and all of our products are sourced from high-quality suppliers.

We ship all products in eco-friendly biodegradable protective packaging - keeping your food safe whilst reducing our environmental impact.

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